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Apcb M3 94v Graphics Card Driver Zip




? nicey: nothing to do with ubuntu nicey: no ikonia: hmm I just installed 16.04... no I don't have that version of the driver Roey: why are you thinking you have a 13.10 image? Roey: I understand it's not a 3rd party device, but why are you thinking it is? ikonia: no, actually 14.04... I had it working in 13.10 Roey: ok, 14.04 is the version shipped Roey: so, when you installed ubuntu 12.04 it told you what version to install the driver for? ikonia: so what's my fix then? Roey: explain why you think it's not working, explain the error you get and explain how to fix it ikonia: I don't think it is working why don't you think that? ikonia: because if I look up the wifi drivers, they're listed as pre-release and Beta 2 and so on. Roey: it's not beta 2 Roey: how are you checking? how are you checking the version on the desktop ikonia: lsmod | grep -i ath9k ikonia: I know, I was just asking how else to check. Roey: again, it's not beta 2 ikonia: it's not? Roey: when did it go beta 2? ikonia: when I installed Ubuntu 14.04, you asked me for the version ikonia: before that Roey: how do you know it's not beta 2 then? how do you know it's not beta 2? oops, I made a typo, sorry




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Apcb M3 94v Graphics Card Driver Zip

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